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my personal journey

Heyy! My name is Steffan Lynch and this is blog! What makes me so special? Nothing really. I’m just a very curious guy, focused on discovering, learning and understanding more about life. This blog is just me making my lessons and experiences public for you to see and read!


Self Improvers

For the people who seek to be a better version of themselves; whether it be in career, relationships, health or anything. We love the growth. For the people who hate stagnancy.

Life Explorers

For the people who are constantly active; adventuring and discovering as much as we can about as much as we can. Digging deep and learning about what’s both inside and outside.

Question Askers

For the people who constantly question their own knowledge and beliefs. We are naturally inquisitive and constantly asking ‘why?’. We always want what’s beneath the surface.

Norm Challengers

For the people willing to challenge their beliefs, ideas and perspectives. For those of us, who welcome sometimes unconventional concepts. For  those who like to stand out and weren’t meant to follow the crowd.

Who is this blog for?

That brings us to my blog

I created this blog to share my lessons, thoughts and experiences as I go through life. Not because I’m self-centered, but because i know I’m not alone. I do this blog in the hopes that it will help and benefit your life in one way or another.


But why?

Because I realised that I’m not alone; I’m not going through this life thing by myself. Although I’m unique, my questions, challenges and experiences, for the most part, aren’t. Given my nature, I was always going to learn, understand and explore, for my own sake. So I thought, why keep it all to myself? I new that my lessons, experiences and life could inspire. Worst case scenario it would help no one and best case, it would help many, many others – and that’s a chance I’m willing to take.


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